[Biturbos4] Tires and alignment

Chris Newbold chris at newbold.org
Sat Mar 19 14:14:16 EST 2005

Grant wrote:

> The alignment advice is intriguing ...
> but why then did Audi spec it with the toe-out in the first place?
> There must be some penalty....

Argh. I mis-spoke. I meant to say that you should dial the toe-IN out of 
the rear and much of it out of the front.

The factory set-up is "safe", in the sense that the car locks onto 
straight-ahead well and isn't terribly twitchy. The price, however, is 
slower turn-in, more vague transitional response and tire wear.

For example, I've got the rear dialed to 0.0 and (quoting from memory) 
the front at 1/32 toe-in. Rear tire wear is now very even and the car is 
much more lively, though it wanders at bit more on rutted highways...


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