[Biturbos4] Tires and alignment

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Sat Mar 19 15:02:10 EST 2005

> > Audi familiarity, from what I could see, was irrelevant.  Thrust 
> lines 
> > are thrust lines, and degrees are degrees.
> Yes, but the multi-link suspension is pretty tricky to line up. 
> You have
> to know the proper order in which to make each adjustment 
> otherwise you
> just end up going in circles, undoing everything you've done so far.
> I've seen plenty of shops that take one look at all the arms under 
> thereand just throw up their hands.
> You also want to find people who know how to set these cars up to 
> handlewell, not just set them to factory specs. For example, you 
> should dial
> all of the toe-in out of the rear and dial much of it out of the front
> too. Does wonders for transitional response...

I road tripped From Calgary to the Bay Area last April, got my Stasis Tracksport suspension installed on the way there near Seatle.  I had to get an alignment done right away as I was still another 13 hours away to my destination.

18 days later as I was about to head home, I needed another alignment due to the springs settled affecting ride height and geometry.  I took my car to Griffen Motorwerks in Berkeley, a highly recommended shop amoung Audi people there.  After knowing that I'll be doing a lot of highway miles, they suggested to dial in a little extra toe in from Stasis' "agressive street" alignment setup.  I thought it was a logical decision and I OKed it.  The car drove great on highway, tracked straight with strong return-to-centre feel.  Turn in and steering response was still way better than stock, and the difference from before the 2nd alignment, which I assumed followed Stasis' recommended agressive street specs, was negligible.

That's just my experience, YMMV.


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