[Biturbos4] tires Goodyear F1 GS-D3

T Stifler tstifler at att.net
Sat Mar 19 18:13:40 EST 2005

Went through my 1st set of Pilot Sports (28K mile - daily driver/sales) and
liked them. 2nd set, purchased f1 GSD3 Goodyear's and have been very happy
(35K+ !!, nice even wear - another 3-5 left maybe until they're shot), but
I'm going back to PS for another try.  My only dislike is minor, but the
Goodyears are a little beefier looking on my stock rims (and offer slightly
more rim protection if you like that) - but I don't like the fat tire look
on an undersized rim and preferred the look of the pilot sports.   Picky
stuff . . .  I did still scuff a rim - sick, sick sound !   I can't get
these rims totally clean any longer and need some new ones.  Anyone have a
fresh stock set for sale reasonable ?  


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