[Biturbos4] Need left rear bose door speaker, '01 S4 avant

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sun Mar 20 21:39:36 EST 2005

Stephenson writes:
> You might try contacting Bose customer service.  One of my speakers started
> to rattle after the car was out of warranty, so I contacted them to see if
> they could tell me where I might get a replacement without having to pay
> Audi prices from the dealer.  They sent me a new one at no charge.
> -----Original Message-----
> Hey guys, 
> Anyone have a good left rear bose speaker laying around?  The one in my '01
> S4 Avant seems to have met its maker.
> I don't really wanna redo the entire system right now to dump all the bose
> stuff...

And if that doesn't work, try these guys:

No affiliations, just passing along some info.

Ti Kan
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