[Biturbos4] Cost and DIY instructions for Turbo Install?

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    I never really came up with a good DIY on how to do the turbo install.  I've talked to a few people who have done many turbo swaps on the S4s, and they say there is NO way to do it without removing the engine.  Seems like a giant pain in the ass to me, and I'd like to do it myself, but I'm hesitant, because that's a HUGE job.  
   I talked to Mike Shimon (Piggie on Audiworld) who is an AWESOME resource for all things S4.  He confirmed it also.  Check out his website - vastmotorsport.com I believe.  If not, run a search on VAST, his company.
   Hope this helps you some.  I LOVE my S4, even though the turbo replacement coming probably this summer is going to be a pain in the ass...
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I was surfing through the archives researching info on whether to buy an S4
or other 2.7T and your post on DIY turbo install was very interesting. 

I'm a DIY'er and was wondering if you received any replies on this? Did not
see any in the archives. 

Surprised to find out that the engine has to be removed. =P

Are there any other sites that you know of where I can find info on these
engines besides pouring through the archives?

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