[Biturbos4] How can I be sure the Gauge cluster is bad?

mattovr6 at aol.com mattovr6 at aol.com
Mon Mar 21 13:07:57 EST 2005

A little background:
2000 S4, 78k miles.  I have been having a problem for nearly a year with my car and the oil pressure light coming on and blinking.  I've had it tested, and the pressure is fine, but I've gone ahead and replaced the : Oil pressure sensor, oil pressure sender, oil pump, and switched to 0W40 oil (Mobil 1 synthetic).  All have had no effect.  The light comes on when I first start driving, beeps 3 times, then stays on and blinks for the entire time I drive the car.  I've used all the Audiworld archives, and they led me to the oil pump, so I replaced it, with no luck.
After talking to a mechanic at my Audi dealer, he thinks it's the gauge cluster that's gone bad.  Is there a way to verify that it's the gauge cluster before I go through the BIG expense of replacing it?  Is there a block for that on the VAG tool?
Can anyone help?  Keman??
Thanks all!
2000 Nogaro S4, 78k miles, 6 speed

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