[Biturbos4] How can I be sure the Gauge cluster is bad?

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Mon Mar 21 15:17:13 EST 2005

There is a block you can read in the engine control module, specifically
the oil pressure sensor output.

I'd check that first when the gauge is beeping. If the oil pressure sensor
is indicating something greater than 10 psi .. and the gauge is going
nuts, it's got to be the instrument cluster. It's a digital sending unit,
not just a pressure switch.

Which block it is, I can't remember. I'm surprised the audi service center
didn't check it though.

Were these repairs recommended to you to fix the problem? Because they
didn't fix the problem, did you get any kind of discount?

Part of fixing a problem is diagnosing the problem. They shouldn't have
replaced your oil pump until they verified that there was no oil pressure
at the oil pressure service port and was oil in the crankcase. I certainly
hope this "buckshot" repair approach didn't come at your expense.

FWIW- my oil pressure warning icon came on a number of times on my '01 S4.
Each time I'd get out and check the oil level immediately, and it was
fine. I'd start it back up and there would be no problem. It had done this
since... 5000 miles? It was no repeatable, random, and very rare. I had
the oil pan off and checked the inlet screen, no bits of oil anywhere,
squeeky clean since I used synthetic and changed it regularly. I'd say in
all it occured... 5 times in 96k miles. Your situation sounds more

It's a dumb question but I've seen worse overlooked- are you sure this is
the oil pressure indicator? What color is it?

- Keman

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 mattovr6 at aol.com wrote:

> A little background:
> 2000 S4, 78k miles.  I have been having a problem for nearly a year with my car and the oil pressure light coming on and blinking.  I've had it tested, and the pressure is fine, but I've gone ahead and replaced the : Oil pressure sensor, oil pressure sender, oil pump, and switched to 0W40 oil (Mobil 1 synthetic).  All have had no effect.  The light comes on when I first start driving, beeps 3 times, then stays on and blinks for the entire time I drive the car.  I've used all the Audiworld archives, and they led me to the oil pump, so I replaced it, with no luck.
> After talking to a mechanic at my Audi dealer, he thinks it's the gauge cluster that's gone bad.  Is there a way to verify that it's the gauge cluster before I go through the BIG expense of replacing it?  Is there a block for that on the VAG tool?
> Can anyone help?  Keman??
> Thanks all!
> Matt
> 2000 Nogaro S4, 78k miles, 6 speed
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