[Biturbos4] Turbo replace - engine removal

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 21 18:32:17 EST 2005

--- Richard Ness <richard at nessnet.com> wrote:
> When they did my turbos, (twice BTW...), they did
> not remove the engine.
> They did have the trans out, but the engine stayed
> in the car

I've heard of this in some other thread, long ago.  It
just seems to me that if the job could be done
correctly this way, it would be done this way *far*
more often.  There must be something that is
compromised in this shortcut.  Does anyone know why
the "drop-the-tranny method" isn't more common?  I
would speculate that getting the billable labor from
the longer method is possible, but even then ... the
DIYer's would *not* take the long way 'round unless
there was a rational reason to.

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