[Biturbos4] Turbo replace - engine removal

Igor Kessel KBATPO at comcast.net
Thu Mar 24 11:26:45 EST 2005

Keman wrote:
> I had wondered about this.
> Every audi tech at the shop I worked at, with the exception for me, tried
> 1 time and exactly once to replace the turbos without removing the engine
> on an S4. These were very rare occurances, so everyone got suckered into
> it at least once without realizing they shouldn't do it.
> It really can't be done. The most you end up with are turbos that leak
> because you can't torque any of the plumbing pieces to it to spec, and ...
> I mean. I've done it on an engine stand 5' below the car with everything
> out, and it was STILL incredibly difficult. Even when you're staring at
> them, there is just no room to get at anything.
> Honestly, it's not that hard to take the engine out. There's a few wiring
> harnesses, the usual coolant, subframe, axles ... but most of that you
> take out just to take the exhaust off the turbos themselves. Removing the
> engine + transmission is only... an extra 2 hours? It just drops out the
> bottom all as one tidy piece.
> - Keman

This thread got me wondering if the turbo removal in the 2.7tt A6 were 
the same PITA? Actually my wife drives an Allroad, but it's based on the 
same C5 chassis as the A6. The warranty will run out in 3 years after 
which I will be on my own. I guess I am too spoiled by the easy access 
to turbos in my previous Audis with in-line engines.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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