[Biturbos4] Turbo replace - engine removal -- DIY?

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Does anyone know of an online (or other) DIY with step by step instructions, just to see what all is involved? I can't find a good one, like exist for timing belt, etc...
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I had wondered about this.

Every audi tech at the shop I worked at, with the exception for me, tried
1 time and exactly once to replace the turbos without removing the engine
on an S4. These were very rare occurances, so everyone got suckered into
it at least once without realizing they shouldn't do it.

It really can't be done. The most you end up with are turbos that leak
because you can't torque any of the plumbing pieces to it to spec, and ...
I mean. I've done it on an engine stand 5' below the car with everything
out, and it was STILL incredibly difficult. Even when you're staring at
them, there is just no room to get at anything.

Honestly, it's not that hard to take the engine out. There's a few wiring
harnesses, the usual coolant, subframe, axles ... but most of that you
take out just to take the exhaust off the turbos themselves. Removing the
engine + transmission is only... an extra 2 hours? It just drops out the
bottom all as one tidy piece.

- Keman

> No you don't  the guy is a hackmaster, he has grenaded a few of his
> customers cars. There is the guy that brought his car to simply to have it
> "Built"  He got it back some 3 months and 10,000 miles on the odo later with
> a completely trashed engine (Leak downs in the 40% range) and it was seen at
> a local drag strip three times and it always left on a flatbed......
> Oh and Simply has been Banned AGAIN from AW
> Eric Fletcher
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> and all sorts of other toys...
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