[Biturbos4] Turbo replace - engine removal -- DIY?

John AudiFans at BackYardEngineering.com
Thu Mar 24 13:05:01 EST 2005

j y wrote:
> Buy the Bentley CD - if you check the AudiWorld website - you should find a
> vendor or individual willing to sell a copy. The Bentley CD has detailed
> schematics of the S4 engine bay, electrical components, body, etc. This
> should be your first stop - then look for the online short cut versions (aand
> compare for accuracy). At least with the Bentley CD, you will have the
> authorized (by AOA) schematics of  the S4, grabbing someone's DIY schema from
> the NET is taking a big risk, you DON'T know what might have been LEFT OUT
> (only to find out that it was important!).

I found a new factory sealed copies of the Bentley CD on ebay for $30 under the 
price of the same part # from Bentley...


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