[Biturbos4] Technical Service Bulletins

Jonathan Conta jonnyconta at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 24 14:55:26 EST 2005

Question from a newbie:
I'm a former BMW owner, currently driving an un-chipped B5 S4, which apparently makes it the only one remaining in this country.  I'm also an avid DIY'er with a few months still left on his warranty, and would like to understand how these TSB's work.
(Forgive me if this has been covered recently, but it might be a good FYI for others).
I gather that Audi releases these periodically, but only to the AoA service centers, when a chronic problem that the actuarial tables say is cheaper to fix comes up.  However, these are not full "recalls" per se, and thus Audi is not required to inform us of their existence, but they are required to fix the problem if we bring it to their attention.  Is that correct?
If so, does anyone else find that a completely asinine system?
And is there any way to get copies of these (or a list of ones for the S4) without purchasing them a la carte from Audi?

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