[Biturbos4] High pitched, squealing sounds, when turning steering wheel when driving

Igor Kessel KBATPO at comcast.net
Fri Mar 25 08:49:59 EST 2005

Witte, Michael J (HPFS) wrote:
> Sorry to bug you with this. 
> This started all of a sudden, yesterday afternoon, on my way home from
> work. Every time, when I turn the steering wheel more than say 2-3
> degrees, this high pitched, squealing sound, coming from either side of
> the vehicle, depending on which direction I steer to. Doesn't matter
> whether its low (10mph) or higher (35mph+) speeds. I performed a couple
> of emergency stops, to ensure nothing got stock in say the rotors.
> Rotors look clean, plenty of pads left as well. Checked teh power
> steering fluid, not a problem either. Sound like metal scraping metal,
> but I have not clue where to look/what to look for. 
> Any ideas ?!?
> Michael aka DutchDaddy

I am assuming it's a B5 car Michael?

If yes, then it is most likely the control arms. Some rocket scientist 
over at Audi AG decided to use dry steel ball joints in Aluminium 
control arms. Eventually they all start to sqeal. This has grown to be 
such a big problem that Audi finally issued a recall. Go see the dealer. 
They should replace the control arms for free. You have 4 of them in the 
front, and each was ca. $285 retail last time I checked.

Mine started to sqeal long before the recall was issued. Instead of 
biting the bullet and replacing the control arm(s) with the same junk 
from Audi I elected to carefully drill them, tap the thread, insert 
"zerk" grease fittings and grease the ball joints. It worked very well. 
Should you decide to go this route my detailed write-up is available in 
the A4 list- and possibly in this list archives of as well.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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