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Thu Mar 24 23:51:23 EST 2005

Commerce City ~ looks and smells a bit like Newark, NJ.  Probably the single
malt talking.  Its been known to affect a lot of folks sense of geography
5750 E 58TH AVE, COMMERCE CITY, CO 80022
Phone: (303) 853-9978

Woody's was always "too busy.... etc" so I found these guys.  
I have four different sets of wheels re-done.  Some with fairly, but not
catastrophic (i.e. visibly bent/dented but the wheel was still able to be
run on the car) damage.  They did a good job of repair.  I've no idea how
good they would be on "catastrophic" type wheel repairs.


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>Isn't NJ kinda far from CO?
>I never did so good in geometry.
>>From: Grant <gfl1 at optonline.net>
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>>I have two places.
>>One is "Auto Collision Experts" in Elizabeth NJ, 

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