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I have a 2001 wirh stoptech brakes. O:nce or  twice a week I get a 
harmonic resonant high pitched noice fron the front  brakes. It is quite 

If you tap the brakes  lightly the sound will disappear and then return. I 
t sounds like it comes  from both sides.

Then it disappears completely for a few  days and returns.

Any thoughts.

Thanks,    Bill

Bill, it sounds as if the pads aren't fully retracting, in combination with  
some surface corrosion and/or incorrect pad temperature for the  application.
First, are the pads lubricated?  That will help them kick back when  the 
brakes are released.  I use a silicone based caliper guide pin type of  grease 
here.  Obviously, don't get the grease onto the friction surfaces  themselves.  
Have you tried a lower temperature street pad?  You  didn't state what brand 
and compounds you're running.  Also, does the  squealing or resonance happen 
only the first few stops of the day?  What  are the environmental or driving 
factors at play?  All highway?  All  city?
Let me know a bit more info and I'll try to help diagnose.
Mark Rosenkrantz (Stoptech distributor and I run them on the front of my  '00 
S4 and all 4 wheels on my '02 Corvette Z06)
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