[Biturbos4] My first FATS run (for those who keep up with the AW forum)

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 29 02:09:15 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I logged my first FATS run a few days ago with a borrowed VAG-COM, and I got 7.02s out of my stock S4 (engine-wise).  Test conditions were:

Ambient temperature: ~5 C (~41 F)
Elevation of Calgary: 1139 m (3737 ft)

I've read that stock S4 should do low to mid 7s, so I think mine did pretty good.

Like I said my car is stock, with a 2 weeks old remanufactured Hitachi MAF, one new 710B BPV and new crankcase breather hoses.

I'm rolling on some 16x6.5 Audi winter rims with 205/55-16 winter tires, they are lighter than stock Avus so that might have helped a little on the time.

Here's my post on AW with a graph of block 003 (MAF and timing ) and 115 (boost):

I do noticed that the MAF only got to 209 g/s, which is a bit below the usual ~220 g/s I read about. I think it's due to my elevation, comments?

Also do the readings on my graph look ok? Thanks!


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