[Biturbos4] Re: Wheel repair in Denver - Xpost

Peter Golledge petergg at dimensional.com
Fri Mar 25 12:16:13 EST 2005

Truedesign have done great work on my 17" track wheels.

Single Malt wrote:

>I recall reading a post about a wheel repair place in
>Denver that was being purported to be *very* good. 
>IIRC, it was not exclusively a repair place, rather
>this (small) shop fabricates wheels and is known
>I have a Mille Miglia 16" wheel with a flat spot on
>the inside edge causing a severe vibration.  I bought
>these used and really don't know the exact model ... I
>believe they are called Spider.  These do not seem to
>be available anymore (Spider II is the new model?).  I
>have not gone the eBay route yet as I would rather fix
>this one ($$$ dependent, of course).
>Does anyone know of this (or any) shop? TIA

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