[Biturbos4] paint codes

Thomas Pollock tompollock2002 at yahoo.com
Thu May 5 10:35:27 EDT 2005

Hi guys,
quick question. Has anyone else had a problem matching paint (pearl) when using the VIN ?  
Here's my story. My wifes pearl 01.5 S4 has a grandfather'd license plate which allows her not to have to run a front plate. The salesguy set us up with an unpainted front panel and had the shop paint it for us. When done, it didn't match. (it matches my pearl 94 perfectly ! which is bizzar) Course the salesguy quits his job in the meantime and no one else knows anything about how he got the paint code etc...  So.... I take the hit and visit the body shop personally. Have to get another blank, supply the registration for the VIN to get the "proper" paint code and wait.
Got the call yesterday, it's done !   Picked it up and it's the same "wrong" paint that was done to the last panel. The paint dude says, "thats the code" but it's obvious it's not a match. Now he's going to try to match it himself which is ok with me BUT, I had also orderd a prepainted trunk spoiler from Audi ($$$) and my guess is, I'll have the same problem !    Aaaargggg....
the car has had zero paint work and I don't buy the "sun faded" idea.
Anyone else ever experience problems like this ?
thanks in advance,

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