[Biturbos4] Tuned!

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Fri May 13 11:15:44 EDT 2005


I do miss my biturbo setup. The V8 has none of the tire clawing surge
coming out of a sharpcorner at 25mph in 2nd gear with your foot in it
early so the boost flashes in just at the apex, pushing you wide past it
and onto the straightaway ahead. All I get now is a sensation of the
engine being dogged down by the tires scrubbing, followed with a
ferrari-esque race to redline. It's too civil for my tastes. Time for an
exhaust upgrade... :)

You get rid of your precats yet? If you haven't ... do it. Huuuge decrease
in spool up time. In 1st gear after opening up my exhaust system with
pretty much just a straight pipe back from the two turbos, (no mufflers,
no cats) the first time I got on it in the rain with a lazy takeoff in 1st
gear, the turbos flashed to full boost so fast it ripped the front tires
free for a second as though I'd done a clutch dump. Amazing...

Glad to hear your chip success... I never did get around to getting a
chip for mine.

05 S4 Avant MT6

> I had an opportunity to merge onto the highway from a
> stoplight on my way home.  Takeoff was good (I'm no
> drag racer).  The steady pull in 2nd was extremely
> deceptive as it pulled straight through 5000 and 6000
> rpm with no perceived let off.  Shift to 3rd - I was
> pushing 85mph within about 400 yards and what seemed
> like less than 10 seconds.  I had no stopwatch or any
> other measurement, just butt-dyno, so take this info
> for what it is worth.  It seemed a marked improvement
> over my previous chip.
> I look forward to taking it on the track this weekend.
> --
> Single Malt
> '01.5 S4
> Garaged at 9200ft
> just outside Denver, CO

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