[Biturbos4] 0-280-142-116 (and turbo loss)

j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Sat May 21 02:50:53 EDT 2005

Yeah - sounds like you are describing the DVs (u call them by-pass vlaves - same thing). You are probably operating in "limp mode" because you have a BOOST leak (the loose/torn vacuum hose). Whenever your S4 has a boost leak the ECU automatically puts the car into "limp mode" (reduced boost - no more than 5-7 psi). If you have a boost gauge and your PSI doesn't go beyond 7 psi - u r in "limp mode". I would NOT recommend going WOT until u repair the torn hoses. Good thing that you are not chipped - it would only put strain on that boost leak. If you don't have VAG-COM - go and purchase it from ROSS-TECH. VAG-COm would DEFEINITELY tell you if had a boost leak (and most other internal problems). VAG-COM is the best purchase an S4 owner can make (especially if chipped).

Grant <gfl1 at optonline.net> wrote:Hi all,

I recently lost boost in my 2000 S4. Stock, mostly. I remain 
optimistic that my turbos are healthy since I don't beat on it, use 
Mobil1, and cool it down religiously. Also heard no singing, and the 
car ran almost OK even without boost. Just lethargic.

I began investigating, suspicious of the TBB, when I found (wish I 
could post a pic, but I cant - if you want to see, I can send them 
direct) that the 1/4 vacuum hose between a mysterious black cylinder 
and another was frayed and torn. A bit more digging revealed that it 
has also pulled out of its hose (loose clamp I guess?) which connects, 
with ~1" hoses, from just pre the TB to the intake to the turbos (the 
pipes leading down from the air intake). Each is marked BOSCH 
0-280-142-116. Topologically, they could be bypass valves. Are they?

Now, this could just be a loose clamp and if I put it all back together 
with new hoses, all might be well. But while its apart, what's the 
advice on testing or replacing these devils?

Any and all educated advice welcome!

Thanks much in advance,


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