[Biturbos4] Speaking of MAF's

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Mon May 23 12:38:06 EDT 2005

Hi mike,
My understanding is that the Hitachi MAF speaks a different language than the Bosch - so its a software change in the ECU.

So your S4 has 120k on it? cool - original turbos?

I am trying to decide what to do with mine. I have 85k, and my extended waranty ends next year when I hit 100k. I love the car...But I am not sure I trust it without the warranty. 

The A3 is a pretty sweet car too - and next year the AWD version will be available. Maybe ill trade in.

Anyone hear word on an S3 coming to the US?


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> Long time Audi owner, first time S4 owner. 
> Trying to establish a base line with the early build 
> (06/00) 2001 S4 I just bought. From what I have read, 
> this one should predate the 2001.5 model so I am 
> surprised that it has a Hitachi MAF. Is this something 
> that can just be upgraded, or does it involve changes 
> to the wiring connectors and maybe even the ECU? 
> VAG-COM says my ECU is 8D0 907 551 H. 
> Also, while driving it the other day with the VAG-COM 
> hooked up, I saw 1.7 bar on the actual boost output. 
> Is this normal for an unchipped car? 
> Thanks, I’m looking forward to sharing the knowledge 
> base on this list. I already notice some names I 
> remember from the quattro list. 
> One more question – I’ve read a lot in the archives, 
> but how do you actually search them for a topic or key 
> word? Maybe I just missed something, but I can’t find 
> a search feature. 
> Mike 
> ’85 4ksq (sold) 
> ’86 5ksctq (running, parts car) 
> ’89 100q (300,000 miles, daily driver until next item 
> was acquired) 
> ’01 S4 (120,000 miles, stock?) 
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