[Biturbos4] RS4 wheels fit on S4?

docwyte at comcast.net docwyte at comcast.net
Mon May 30 12:19:52 EDT 2005

I'm willing to wager $$ that the stock wheels at 28lbs a pop are causing more wear and tear to my suspension bushings and wheel bearings than my 35mm offset SSR's do that literally weigh half as much.

Sure, the scrub radius is effected, but it's mostly an academic discussion.  It just doesn't matter.  If you're going to take your car to World Challenge races and compete, then yeah, maybe you'd want to do something.  However, for the street use and even track days, this is pretty inconseqential.


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> Yes, they probably will fit, and 35mm is probably "no big deal", but 
> I'll take issue with "35 has no (as in zero) ill effects". Its a 
> matter of degree, and its wrong. 
> I've compared pretty much apples to apples 17 x 7.5 x 35 and x 45mm, 
> and there is a difference in feel and behaviour. Now 0.4" isn't much, 
> but it is incorrect. Simple logic dictates that if you put the center 
> of force farther out on a lever, it will have a greater effect - 
> torque steer, bump steer, ball-joint wear, tie rod wear, etc.. Maybe 
> no big deal, but clearly noticeable, and clearly more strain, and ..... 
> So at the end of the day, do I run 35mm offset for my winter 16" tires? 
> Yes - there's no alternative that I can find. And I looked, hard. Do 
> I like the situation? Not after comparing correct vs incorrect at 17". 
> Would I buy a 17 x 7.5 that was the wrong offset, knowing full well 
> that I can get all the OEM *correct* ones I want? Never. 
> I guess my beef is that most purported experts dont even understand 
> what offset is exactly, or how it relates to scrub radius. Or worse, 
> they choose to sweep it under the table in the name of sales. If you 
> look on otherwise respected sites, like RONAL or TireRack, they explain 
> offset in terms of appearance and brake clearance. This is just, plain 
> wrong. So I want people to know a few of the facts and decide for 
> themselves if the effect is significant. 
> Grant 
> On May 30, 2005, at 2:02 PM, docwyte at comcast.net wrote: 
> > Running a 35mm offset isn't a big deal. I have SSR Comp 17x8.5 ET35 
> > on the car right now and there are no ill effects. 
> > 
> > If these are RS4 wheels or RS4 replicas (far more likely) then they'll 
> > fit fine with no spacers needed. 
> > 
> > -josh 
> > 

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