[Biturbos4] Any special way to lubricate s4 doors ?

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Tue Nov 8 01:51:44 EST 2005

You can try to lube the hinges themselves, top and bottom. The rear doors 
can be easily accessed through the front door openings. Open all four doors 
and you'll see how. Try to spray it in such that it gets between the 
moving/rotating parts.

WD-40 is actually a product specced by NASA to disperse water from back in 
1961. It's never been intended to lubricate anything, and you may have 
already noticed that it actually evaporates if given some time. If it ever 
stops a squeak, it is sure to return in just a few days... unless you used 
WD40 to poison a mouse. :P I use it for one thing: hosing down cylinders to 
prevent them from rusting and following it up with real oil when the 
cylinder head is off.

Lithium isn't a bad choice but there's some thin-spraying, thick-setting, 
clear polymer teflon sprays out there that don't look "caked up" and very 
much so adhere to the places you want it to be. Polylube 250 is my favorite, 
it sprays as thin as water and sets up as thick as axle grease, so it can 
really get into the door hinges to lube them up. You'll have to order it 
online unless you can find a local dealer willing to give up a can of the 
stuff. There are other products that are the same thing, but I don't know 
their names and if anyone does, please tell. To my knowledge nothing is 
available like this at parts stores.

A note on audi door hinges. If they REALLY sieze up, no amount of lube will 
fix it, you'll need new hinges. I've encountered this once, but it was on a 
car that was pretty old. In retrospect, I've freed up sticky door hinges 
with some persistant polylube 250 countless times.

- Keman

: Hello folks,
: So my driver's door has gotten rather hard to open/close - slowly over 
: It's particularly obvious when someone else tries to close it and it half
: closes.  I've attempted to lubricate it at all obvious points with a wd40
: and then lithium spray.  No change - or minimal.  I remember Keman saying 
: should be part of factory service - but then I took my car to the dealer 
: the factory service, so that would explain why no attention there.  Any
: special way to lube s4 doors ?
: Thanks - TS 

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