[Biturbos4] where is all the oil coming from!!??

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Sun Nov 27 13:03:33 EST 2005

I guess the question is - "was it sucked in, or was it pushed in?".
If there's no water in the oil (good thing), then I doubt about the 
head gasket. Its  a two-way street.
But where could it get sucked in by vacuum?  Some evap thingy?  Turbo 
housing leak (gasp)?

Or, probably a stupid guess but worth mentioning - might it have leaked 
to the manifold and been sucked into the intake from the outside of the 
engine - in other words, "its just a leak?"

I'm thinking sucked in oil for two reasons - puff of smoke while 
"getting on it" is consistent, and oil up in the intake butterfly is 
consistent. So whether its via turbo plumbing, evap or sucking it up 
off the manifold and through the snorkel, its getting into the intake 
somehow. If true, and it may not be, this sorta rules out lower-end or 
head gasket stuff, which, I think, is good.

Keep up the detective work.

On Nov 27, 2005, at 12:23 PM, Adam Schwartz wrote:

> Hi Grant,
> No - there is no oil in the coolant - coolant looks perfectly clean - 
> and the level of the coolant was fine. I had been thinking head gasket 
> too - but all the oil in the intake system seems odd.
> -A
> On Nov 27, 2005, at 8:11 AM, Grant wrote:
>> Well, losing coolant and leaking oil sounds a little like a head 
>> gasket.
>> Is there any oil in your coolant?
>> I assume you did not overfill? (it can get sucked in then)
>> I cant think of anything specific at the moment.
>> Grant
>> On Nov 26, 2005, at 1:03 PM, adamdschwartz at comcast.net wrote:
>>> Hey all,
>>> Happy T day to all....
>>> Last week when I was changing my oil I noticed that the underside of
>>> my tranny was a bit wet with oil. The car was going into the shop the
>>> next day to have the CV boot replaced, so I asked them to investigate
>>> the oil leak....
>>> What they found was oil was pooling on top of the engine, under the
>>> intake, and then rolling down the back of the engine and getting on
>>> the under side of the tranny.
>>> What they noted was that there was oil in the intake... They pulled
>>> the air filter and there was a little oil under it... I noticed that
>>> my TBB has some oil seeping around the edges, and yea- i can see oil
>>> pooling under the intake- a fairly good amount. Way more than normal
>>> for this car. The mechanic also noted that he could see some
>>> antifreeze under the intake also. My antizneeze level was low, and I
>>> had noticed it going down in the last 6 months.  Only a little at a
>>> time, but it was needing some now( they topped it up even tho I
>>> forgot to ask about that)
>>> Anyhow - the car runs fine - there may be a small puff coming out of
>>> the back when I get on it hard,  but I cant tell for sure. There is
>>> definitely something going on. My mechanic said he would need to pull
>>> some things apart to figure out what was going on and that he wanted
>>> to research a little first, and since it was running fine- I agreed
>>> to take the car, and we could dig into more at a latter date. My shop
>>> is independent, but I trust them as being very competent.
>>> So does this sound familiar to anyone? Or is there something "easy"
>>> that I could suggest my mechanic to check...
>>> details of my car:
>>> 2000 S4, 88k miles - APR stage 1, mobil 1 5/40. No engine work has
>>> been done on this car yet.
>>> Cool....
>>> Thanks,
>>> Adam
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