[Biturbos4] [ADMIN] Weeeeeeeee're baaaaaaaaaack....

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sun Nov 27 05:38:28 EST 2005

...and you thought we sold the server, embezzled all those donations  
into an offshore account, and hoofed it to Fiji ;-)

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway- we're back up and running, but various little  
things might be broken for a day or two.  We had a major software- 
related failure and as a result had to reinstall the host operating  
system; obviously since you received this email, list data was intact  
(as were archives and other good stuff.)  Various factors (including  
a family emergency on my end, work for Dan, holiday stuff for both of  
us) conspired and slowed down the rebuild effort.  My apologies for  
ignoring a couple of you who emailed "hey, what's up with Audifans?"  
emails :-)

All list-related functionality should be ok (including the web  
interface).  Known not-working items include the marketplace and  
registries.  I was astounded to discover the Knowledgebase is  
functioning (or seems to be, from a cursory examination.)  Please  
hold off on reporting other broken stuff for a day or two.  If you do  
need to report stuff that is broken- email Dan (dans at audifans.com)  
and myself (brett at cloud9.net).

PS:On a temporary basis we are now hosted out of a colocation  
facility that is very much a community setup, and we're probably one  
of the bigger bandwidth users there, if I had to guess.  We're not  
quite "stealing packets from babies", but we'd like to be the best  
"neighbors" we can be.  So, a friendly reminder- please trim your  
replies (anyone who forwards an entire digest back to the list may be  
summarily executed) and Choose Wisely (TM) when deciding whether to  
send a reply to the original poster or the entire list :-)

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