[Biturbos4] timining belt replaced - now lost power

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Tue Oct 25 16:32:40 EDT 2005

Which shop did this?

Sorry for the delayed response ..

But basically, without the big bar that sits on the cams to lock them in 
place when dialing in the timing belt, you will NEVER get the timing exactly 
right on the cams and it will cost you some horsepower. This is a frequently 
made mistake with independant shops, as people unfamiliar with how the cam 
cogs "float" on the camshafts often will take the old timing belt off, and 
put the new timing belt on with the same notches and everything lined up 
roughly the same. On other engines, this is the normal method. On this 
engine, it'll result in being off about half a tooth, which is several 
degrees- for all four camshafts.

- Keman

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: i needed a new clutch and with 90000 miles the shop replaced the timing
: belt to.
: they also replaced the auxiliary water pump.
: so now the car lost some power or at least it feels that way (can't get
: the traction control kick in on wet road).
: is there any thing they could have done wrong.
: the engine runs smooth and no check lights are on.
: bernd 2001 s4 avant 

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