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Thu Oct 27 01:20:32 EDT 2005

ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Not so fast big fella!
I BLEW my B1 S1 turbo 2 weeks ago!
Yes, I'm (GIAC-X) chipped - AWE ICs (intercoolers for the uninformed), LaBree DPs, Lemmiwinks tweeks, STOCK turbos (K03s). 
So I knew it was coming - just didn't know when - well - WHEN showed up on I95-N btw Balt & Philly two Fridays ago (car is currently sitting in my driveway). I went WOT to pass a BIG A$$ JEEP that had just jumped in front of me - all the sudden - I see a puff of smoke from the exhaust - and my (AWE) boost gauge goes from 16 psi to ZERO. I immediately knew what had happened (based on my readings of AW posts). Plus, a Jeep Cherokee NEVER could pass me when my S4 was operating at full tilt (despite the fact that it's a TIP).    
I was dreaming of K03/16s or K03/K04s, but NOT this soon - this will put  a STRAIN on the budget (thank god for VISA/MC). In the meantime, I will be spending more time with my Porsche 951 (944 turbo), as soon as IT leaves my mechanic's shop (then he will begin working on my disabled S4). I was upgrading (bigger turbo, IC, fuel rail, MAF, piggyback fueling) the 951 when the S4 went KABOOEY. 
Looks like my mechanic will be having some extra $$$ for X-MAS this year - at my expense - lucky him. My  early X-MAS present will be a K03/16 or K03/K04 set-up for my S4. I probably won't go to a straight K04 set-up because of the torque issues with the TIP tranny (can't afford a Level 10 tranny upgrade too - having the turbo and tranny upgrades togehter would NUKE my budget!).

Keman <keman at interwolf.net> wrote:
Well, people tend to complain more than write glowing reports of daily 

So.. silence probably means a buncha people enjoying biturbo S4's without 

- Keman

:I got the message - just think its been quiet...
: Sup everyone! 

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