[Biturbos4] Oil Flushes

Paul Magid pmagid at magid.org
Thu Oct 27 13:10:17 EDT 2005

How do people feel about engine oil flushes.   I have purchased a can of
the Amsoil engine oil flush and it directs one: to change the oil filter,
insert the flush, top of for oil lost in the filter removal, run the
engine at fast idle for 1/2 hour, and finally replace oil and filter.  I
am thinking that since I just got a service (<500 miles) and the dealer
used dino oil (which I want to remove), that everything is still fresh
enough (particularly the filter) that I can just pour in the flush and
idle for 1/2 and hour.   What do you think?


Paul Magid
pmagid at magid.org

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