[Biturbos4] Biturbos4 Digest, Vol 24, Issue 1

RichRov@aol.com RichRov at aol.com
Thu Oct 27 13:26:42 EDT 2005

Hi everyone;
Spoke with the guys who have been keeping my 70 Alfa and 2000 S-4 running  
for years.  Lead tech told me he had just changed the timing belt on an S-4  
just like mine and hadn't used the Audi special cam locking bar...he told me  
everything ran fine...
By the way, Grau parts will rent you the cam locking bar...and sell you the  
belt kit at a really good price...No reason to use paint marks or other  shade 
tree tricks.
I've driven the V-8 S-4 and would also be interested in an S-3...a Cabrio  
would be really nice...
Stealth Silver 2000 S-4, 6-sp. 

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