[Biturbos4] Oil Flushes

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Thu Oct 27 13:37:39 EDT 2005

I'd skip the oil flush.

Anything that's strong enough to dissolve varnish deposits is strong
enough to to potentially soften or melt your seals, ie: front and rear
main seal, valve cover gaskets, etc.

Sometimes the product claims to "recondition old seals" ... that's just
another way of saying "melts o rings" ... seals don't need reconditioning.
This isn't hair we're talking about here. It's rubber. Nitrile, viton,
neoprene, buna-n. When they get partially dissolved by acids and
byproducts of combustion, there's no going back.

If the engine has run synthetic all or most of it's life, it'll be
spotless inside anyways, so what is there to flush?

Lastly, every engine oiling system is different. Amsoil did not make that
flush for the audi biturbo engine. It has not been tested on it. They have
no idea what it might do to it. The biturbo engine has things in it most
other engines do not. Tiny spring loaded oil pressure check valves, etc.
You'll be the guinea pig, and if for some reason you get premature turbo
failure or a leaking rear main seal etc ..  it's all your $$$ that'll be
fixing it, not theirs. They won't help you.

IMO just stick with a good synthetic and change it out every 3-5k miles.

- Keman

On Thu, 27 Oct 2005, Paul Magid wrote:

> How do people feel about engine oil flushes.   I have purchased a can of
> the Amsoil engine oil flush and it directs one: to change the oil filter,
> insert the flush, top of for oil lost in the filter removal, run the
> engine at fast idle for 1/2 hour, and finally replace oil and filter.  I
> am thinking that since I just got a service (<500 miles) and the dealer
> used dino oil (which I want to remove), that everything is still fresh
> enough (particularly the filter) that I can just pour in the flush and
> idle for 1/2 and hour.   What do you think?
> Thanks,
> Paul Magid
> pmagid at magid.org

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