[Biturbos4] board down ?

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Thu Oct 27 21:37:33 EDT 2005

--- Keman <keman at interwolf.net> wrote:

> Well, people tend to complain more than write
> glowing reports of daily 
> driving.
> So.. silence probably means a buncha people enjoying
> biturbo S4's without 
> incident.

Exactly!  Of course, by saying this - I'm begging the
Audi gods (or demons) to take full advantage of me!

I still enjoy that feeling of control beyond normal as
I cruise the highway at 65-70 mph in 6th gear. 
Avoiding a cluster-muck by slightly depressing the
accelerator and enjoying a burst of thrust to slip
through the masses and emerge in the clear on the
other side.  On occasion, I'm treated to a
"grin-experience" as I hear the vehicle next to me
gearing down as they futilely try to prevent the pass
(why doesn't anyone like to be passed?)!  I also love
the thrill of entering a highway at speed loooong
before the end of the ramp - only to merge through to
the fast lane as conditions permit - the engine never
making that exasperated whine I hear from other
vehicles trying something similar).  I love the
experience of entering a curvy section of road and
overtaking every car that passed me in the long
downhill straight before the curves (yes folks,
braking is optional in these turns!). Hey! It's not
that I sped up, I just never slowed down. :)

Yes, my slowly fading clutch is going to rip several
thousand non-budgeted dollars from our vast fortune
(ha!) eventually ... and yet I still love this car. 
I've never had one that pleases me as much as this one
- all others were "transportation" - this one is


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