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Thu Oct 27 22:23:35 EDT 2005

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> The weekend project is to remove the factory CD changer and install
> an Audi Phatnoise Phatbox!  I've already been busy the past few days
> ripping music onto the DMS cartridge.  So far I've already done 150 CDs
> and the 20GB cartridge is only half full.  The prospect of having
> most of my music accessible all the time is very, very cool.
> -Ti
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> Ti Kan
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Aside from the physical mounting of the Phatbox, does it directly swap 
electrically with the CD Changer.  In other words, if I can figure out how 
to mount it in my 2001.5 Avant, the Phatbox connection to the audio system 
is easy?


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