[Biturbos4] [s4] Re: board down ?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Oct 27 22:57:54 EDT 2005

Mark Isenberger writes:
> Ti Kan wrote: 
> > The weekend project is to remove the factory CD changer and install
> > an Audi Phatnoise Phatbox!  I've already been busy the past few days
> > ripping music onto the DMS cartridge.  So far I've already done 150 CDs
> > and the 20GB cartridge is only half full.  The prospect of having
> > most of my music accessible all the time is very, very cool.
> >
> Aside from the physical mounting of the Phatbox, does it directly swap 
> electrically with the CD Changer.  In other words, if I can figure out how 
> to mount it in my 2001.5 Avant, the Phatbox connection to the audio system 
> is easy?

Yes, the Audi Phatbox is electrically a direct swap for the OEM CD changer.
An adapter cable is included.  The firmware in this version of the 
Phatbox makes the radio "think" that it's connected to a compatible
CD changer (albeit a _very_ fancy one).

Physically the Audi version of the Phatbox will also fit into the same
space for the CD changer, although due to the protruding cable at the rear
and the cartridge at the front, I am not sure if there is enough depth
in the CD changer mounting slot in our B5 S4s and still allow the carpeted
cover to close.  If not, I might install it under the rear shelf.

You access the files on your DMS cartridge via personalized playlists,
by genre, by artist name, or by track.  You scroll through the
selections by using the prev/next track buttons on the radio, and the
Phatbox speaks through the stereo speakers to tell you where you are.
You don't have to look at the radio display.

So far I have ripped over 300 CDs onto the 20GB cartridge and it's still
got room left! :)  I use Ogg Vorbis format rather than MP3 for less
compression artifacts and sound quality loss.


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