[Biturbos4] timining belt replaced - now lost power

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Fri Oct 28 19:38:01 EDT 2005

Im not bernd, just roviding more data.

90k is "nominal". But if it breaks, it expenesive. So you have to trade 
off when you think is right. I admit to being conservative, but I do 
mine at 75k.  You generally cannot tell from inspection.

Total job for me was about $1100 I think.

On Oct 28, 2005, at 9:03 AM, Aurangzeb M. Agha wrote:

> Hi Bernd --
> Sorry to hear about your troubles, and I hope Keman's suggestion works 
> out
> for you.
> I am curious about something else though: My '01 S4 is at 65K, and I 
> was
> recently told to get the timing belt replaced--I checked my
> documentation, and verified it's not supposed to be done until 90K.  
> Did
> you hear anyone else telling you you had to get this done early?
> BTW, why did you get your clutch replaced--did you feel it going, or 
> was
> it something you did since you were at 90K?
> Finally, hoiw much did the timing belt and water pump work set you 
> back?
> Rgs,
> Aurangzeb
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> Subject: [Biturbos4] timining belt replaced - now lost power
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>  i needed a new clutch and with 90000 miles the shop replaced the 
> timing
> belt to.
>  they also replaced the auxiliary water pump.
>  so now the car lost some power or at least it feels that way (can't 
> get
> the traction control kick in on wet road).
>  is there any thing they could have done wrong.
>  the engine runs smooth and no check lights are on.
>  bernd 2001 s4 avant
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