[Biturbos4] timining belt replaced - now lost power

bernd vkm at panix.com
Fri Oct 28 22:14:10 EDT 2005


 new clutch, timing belt, water pump  3600.-

  the clutch made some grinding nose when i pushed down the clutch. i  
drove the car for about 2 weeks like that till i could not shift any more.
  when they took it apart the clutch itself was fine some other stuff 
broke (plastic fork?) .

    btw   half a week after i got my car back the turbo blow up.   the 
car is now at a differed shop.
    the new place checked the timing belt and everything locks o.k.

Aurangzeb M. Agha wrote:

Hi Bernd --

Sorry to hear about your troubles, and I hope Keman's suggestion works 
out for you.

I am curious about something else though: My '01 S4 is at 65K, and I was 
recently told to get the timing belt replaced--I checked my 
documentation, and verified it's not supposed to be done until 90K.  Did 
you hear anyone else telling you you had to get this done early?

BTW, why did you get your clutch replaced--did you feel it going, or was 
it something you did since you were at 90K?

Finally, hoiw much did the timing belt and water pump work set you back?



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