[Biturbos4] Bum Turbo??? Help me with the Gutless Wonder!

Adam Jansen aedan1 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 1 12:26:48 EDT 2005

On the subject of MBAR and the readings on 115...

is that pressure including exclusive of atmosphereic pressure?

at idle it was reading 920 mBar - I would expect zero...
at full load 1890 mBar

Is the issue that is was below sensor range at idle and exceed at full 


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>Just to be accurate, "MBAR" is milli-bar.  1 Bar (1000 mBar) = 14.7 psi = 
>standard atmospheric pressure
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>2) If you aren't chipped - log channel 115 in VAG-COM to get your 
>actual/requested boost. Non chiped boost should be less than 1 MBAR (14.7 
>psi). Chipped S4s can use this channel to see what the ECU is reading in 
>terms of boost too.
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