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Thanks for the clarification, and accuracy.
For the un-informed, to calculate your boost from VAG-COM readings, you MUST take your given MBAR at a given RPM and subtract 1 BAR (14.7 psi - atmosphere) from that nbr. 
For example, VAG records 1.8 MBAR @2500 rpm, then the calculation would be 1.8 MBAR - 1 MBAR = .8 MBAR (your actual boost at that given rpm). VAG will provide a rough estimate of atmosphere when your S4 is idling (since there should be no load on your engine @ idle), and this will be as close to actual atmosphere (in your location) as possible, take this nbr from VAG Block 115 (mine usually reads 1010 to approximate 1 BAR.) and subtract it from the MBAR nbr that you get at higher RPMs (when there is a load on the engine). 
To get the PSI equivalent (if u don't own a boost gauge), you can use the following website to convert MBAR to PSI.

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Just to be accurate, "MBAR" is milli-bar. 1 Bar (1000 mBar) = 14.7 psi = standard atmospheric pressure 

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2) If you aren't chipped - log channel 115 in VAG-COM to get your actual/requested boost. Non chiped boost should be less than 1 MBAR (14.7 psi). Chipped S4s can use this channel to see what the ECU is reading in terms of boost too. 
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