[Biturbos4] Handsfree wiring problem

Joel Liggins quickaudi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 22:42:30 EDT 2005

Essentials: LG VX6000 phone, Peiker Acustic handsfree kit.
The system works for a second, then quits.  When we start up the car, PHONE
is displayed on the system. I can hit a few buttons, and then it goes back
to the radio. (I can hear the tones through the Bose speaker.) It comes and
goes on when it wants to work. All connections are good.
Also, if I unplug the handsfree unit, place a call, and then plug it back in
while talking, the system will go to PHONE and I can talk to whomever for a
second before it switches over.
Any help would be appreciated.

'01.5 S4
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