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No offense Hank - but NO WAY is a stock B5-S4 around 300 HP!
If you have VAG-COM software  - u can do a VAG run - and log your S4's MAF readings. A "rough" rule of thumb states that MAF readings are equivalent to 80% of HP.
The BEST MAF readings that I could achieve with my heavily modified S4 (stage 2++ S4) which is a tad below having K04 turbos was 272 g/s (grams/sec). That's approximately 340 HP. Now granted, If I didn't have the HOT BREATHING EVOMS K&N Intake - I would proably yield slightly better nbrs, but many of the Stage 3- (K04 turbos/K03 fueling) are only demonstrating MAF readings of 300 g/s. 
I can't fathom a STOCK (non-chipped) S4s running anywhere near those type of MAF readings - based on my 4 years of  trolling of AudiWorld and this list.  If u want to say that a stock N/A S4 is around 260 - 265 HP (like the Euro version) - ok - but 300 HP - I beg to differ!

Henry Nisiewicz <hjn0316 at earthlink.net> wrote:

Besides the B5 RS4 had 380 hp.

Looking at the 2000-1 Audi comparisons:

1999 B5 A4 sedan 2.8l V-6 Quattro, 190hp, 5-spd manual, 3220#, 0-60 = 7.1
sec, QM = 15.5s @ 90.5mph. Source: Road & Track Feb, 1999.
2000 B5 S4 sedab 2.7l bt V-6, "250" hp, 6-spd manual, 3585#, 0-60 = 5.5
sec, QM = 14.1s @ 98.3 mph. Source: Road and Track Oct 1999. This with
'only' 60 hp more.
2000 B5 RS4 avant, 2.7l bt V-6, 380hp, 6-spd manual, 3435#, 0-60 = 4.9 sec.
QM = n/a. Source S-Cars.org Audi RS-4 Avant technical specifications. 130
hp more and such small improvement in acceleration?

I recognize the performance/hp curves will not be linear. 

You can talk about dyno reading, torque curves etc. all you want, and they
certainly have their validity. But explain the above.

Then look at the performances of other 2000-2003 sport sedans with less
weight and more hp, and slower accelerations.

Some examples:

2001 Acura 3.2 Cl Type S, 260 hp, about 3200#, 0-60 = 6.7 sec (R & T
2001 Volvo S60 T5, 247 hp, about 3200#, 0-60 = 6.6 sec, (same source)., and
so on.

Remember, I did not say definitively the B-5 S4 has 300 hp, but I certainly
have reason to either suspect it has considerably more than 250 (or 265),
or many other numbers are very suspect.


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