[Biturbos4] Logs Included -what does it mean??? Was RE: Help mewith the Gutless Wonder!

Adam Jansen aedan1 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 2 08:31:05 EDT 2005

Thanks it is a 00 S4 with factory airbox... so it looks like she will be 
getting a new MAF this weekend!


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>Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 21:25:49 -0700 (PDT)
>MAF never got over 135 g/s.... = not a good sign.
>1) What year is your S4..2000?...early 2001?...If so, then you have a Bosch 
>MAF and they are KNOWN to DIE (go bad) and require replacement. Luckily, 
>you can pick up a re-manufactured BOSCH MAF from your local Audi Dealer for 
>about $75 (USD). If they want more than that...tell them to "pound sand" 
>and purchase the MAF from ECS Tuning (do a Google for the website) for $65 
>+ shipping. I've gone thru 2 Bosch MAFs to date. I bought one from ECS 
>Tuning and another from a local Audi Dealer for the prices I mentioned 
>above. Chipped cars are HELL on the Bosch MAF, be prepared to replace this 
>unit on a fairly routine basis.
>2) If you don't have a BOSCH MAF then the next logical ? to ask would be: 
>Have you replaced the factory airbox with a K&N set-up from LLTEK or EVOMS. 
>If so, your S4 is inhaling MEGA hot air to produce a MAX nbr of 135 g/s. My 
>suggestion, GO BACK to the factory airbox, that's exactly want I'm in the 
>process of doing. Short of a custom cold airbox (NOT A K&N or similar 
>set-up), the factory unit is the best thing and you will see your g/s nbrs 
>increase significantly.
>You'll also see an improvement in timing during hot weather.
>Unfortunately, my highly mdified S4 has experienced both of the 
>aforementioned scenarios. I'm mulling over a BOSCH to HITACHI (found on 
>post MY 2001.5 S4s) MAF conversion. This would significantly reduce the nbr 
>of MAF failures that my S4 would experience. The nbr of HITACHI MAF 
>failures is significantly less than BOSCH. I will replace my K&N set-up 
>with the factory airbox, I wish that I had kept my original factory airbox, 
>but it was sold when I went to a K&N set-up. In retrospect, selling it was 
>a bad move - live and learn.
>Adam Jansen <aedan1 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>So I logged groups 003 (MAF) 020 (timing correction) and 115 (boost) 
>a third gear pull (until I was doing 80 on a back country road and had to
>slow down or fly off the road)
>It definates hauls once it is past 3500 RPM, but just seems dead down 
>MAF never got over 135 g/s.... so what would cause that?
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