[Biturbos4] Turbos Reliability & Replacement Cost (was: 2000 S4 Running Hot)

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good points.

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there's absolutely nothing wrong with any of the products you've purchased.  They're all top shelf.  However, I feel the performance advantages of the aftermarket dp's vs piggies, and the twin1, twin2 vs a borla aren't enough to justify the costs you have to pay.  I do think the AWE IC's are the bomb, too bad they raised the prices from $1000 to $1400 and availability is so limited.
As far as chip tuning, I think if you have to monkey with lemmiwinks AND add a manual bosot controller on top of the factory N75, the chip tuner hasn't done his homework.  I've run GIAC software in all my previous cars for over 10 years now and I was shocked at how poorly version8 ran on the car with throttle cut, etc.  That's *totally* unacceptable!  The new L308x is the way it should be, no monkeying around wtih external devices to make the code perform the way it should.
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I'm very happy with my LeBree DPs - thank you. The general consensus with the AW crowd is that separation of wastegate & turbo exhaust flows yields additional performance gain through less turbulence going thru the DPs and exhaust. Piggies might work for some - but I have NO regrets purchasing the AWE Twin2 exhaust, LeBree DPs, and AWE ICs. All have performed as advertised - including my "old code" GIAC-X chip. I just tweak it with Lemmiwinks and use an MBC (manual boost controller) in parallel with the N75 (wastegate control).

docwyte at comcast.net wrote: www.vastperformance.com.  Buy pipes from him and send your old pipes back.  No down time.  Or make your own pipes, it's not hard.
Will an exhaust and dp's help?  Sure they do, I have them and they make far more power and torque than stock.  That *doesn't* mean that they help with the K03's will burn out any faster!  The chip alone makes the biggest difference in stressing the turbos.  Oh, and you'll boost spike far *more* with exhaust/dp's than if you're stock.
I do have the latest GIAC X program and thankfully it doesn't spike and throttle cut like the older code did.
Talk to Jeff Moss about the dyno's of piggie pipes vs aftermarket high dollar ones.  Hey, if you've got the money to spare,go for it,  but I think your money is more wisely placed elsewhere. 

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