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j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 2 14:38:51 EDT 2005

If a new (re-manufactured) BOSCH MAF meter deosn't resolve your problem - there is something much more serious going on. Your description of the problem (low MAF nbrs, poor power delivery @ low rpms) points to a dead/failed MAF meter. 
Like I said, it's an easy install and shouldn't take more than 20 min. I bet the folks at NAPA thought that u wanted an HITACHI MAF meter and that's why u got that quote, no way, does a Bosch MAF go for that price, even from the Dealer (who are known to charge top $$$). 
If you decide to keep the car and do more mods - u might want to consider the BOSCH to HITACHI MAF conversion for early S4s. Vast Performance offers a kit on their website. That's something that I'll probably do - but I understand - that it will require a new chip ('M' code instead of 'A' code). My chip (in terms of power delivery) is pretty awesome and swapping to another chip may not give me the same seat in the pants power that I get now. 
I know for fact that my current chip DOES NOT trip DTCs under the same conditions (high boost) that other S4s do, doesn't mean that damage isn't being done to the engine, I just find it interesting that it doesn't set DTCs as frequently as later S4s.

Adam Jansen <aedan1 at hotmail.com> wrote:
New MAF ordered from ECS Tuning - NAPA didn't have it in the 'system' and 
Shucks wanted $275...
I will have the new one next week.

I hope that fixes the problem and really appreciate all the help.
Next Beer is on me!


>From: j y 
>To: Adam at ChadtheDog.com
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>Subject: Re: [Biturbos4] Logs Included -what does it mean??? Was RE: Help 
>mewith the Gutless Wonder!
>Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 21:25:49 -0700 (PDT)
>MAF never got over 135 g/s.... = not a good sign.
>1) What year is your S4..2000?...early 2001?...If so, then you have a Bosch 
>MAF and they are KNOWN to DIE (go bad) and require replacement. Luckily, 
>you can pick up a re-manufactured BOSCH MAF from your local Audi Dealer for 
>about $75 (USD). If they want more than that...tell them to "pound sand" 
>and purchase the MAF from ECS Tuning (do a Google for the website) for $65 
>+ shipping. I've gone thru 2 Bosch MAFs to date. I bought one from ECS 
>Tuning and another from a local Audi Dealer for the prices I mentioned 
>above. Chipped cars are HELL on the Bosch MAF, be prepared to replace this 
>unit on a fairly routine basis.
>2) If you don't have a BOSCH MAF then the next logical ? to ask would be: 
>Have you replaced the factory airbox with a K&N set-up from LLTEK or EVOMS. 
>If so, your S4 is inhaling MEGA hot air to produce a MAX nbr of 135 g/s. My 
>suggestion, GO BACK to the factory airbox, that's exactly want I'm in the 
>process of doing. Short of a custom cold airbox (NOT A K&N or similar 
>set-up), the factory unit is the best thing and you will see your g/s nbrs 
>increase significantly.
>You'll also see an improvement in timing during hot weather.
>Unfortunately, my highly mdified S4 has experienced both of the 
>aforementioned scenarios. I'm mulling over a BOSCH to HITACHI (found on 
>post MY 2001.5 S4s) MAF conversion. This would significantly reduce the nbr 
>of MAF failures that my S4 would experience. The nbr of HITACHI MAF 
>failures is significantly less than BOSCH. I will replace my K&N set-up 
>with the factory airbox, I wish that I had kept my original factory airbox, 
>but it was sold when I went to a K&N set-up. In retrospect, selling it was 
>a bad move - live and learn.
>Adam Jansen wrote:
>So I logged groups 003 (MAF) 020 (timing correction) and 115 (boost) 
>a third gear pull (until I was doing 80 on a back country road and had to
>slow down or fly off the road)
>It definates hauls once it is past 3500 RPM, but just seems dead down 
>MAF never got over 135 g/s.... so what would cause that?
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