[Biturbos4] Bum Turbo??? Help me with the Gutless Wonder!

Chris Newbold chris at localhost.localdomain
Sat Sep 3 12:38:29 EDT 2005

"Adam Jansen" <aedan1 at hotmail.com> writes:

> After I was done with that and got everything back together I went for a 
> drive and had huge white clouds coming out from the exhaust whenever I 
> 'stepped on it' for about 1/2  mile, then it stopped.  10 miles later not 
> even the smallest hint of any smoke.

This is just not normal; white smoke usually == coolant. Though I
don't think I've heard any reports here, it could be a head
gasket. I'm not at all sure about the construction of the bearings in
the turbo, but I would suspect there is not any way for water to get
into the intake or exahust. Oil yes, if the seals were blown. Anyone
know for sure?

I suppose a wickedly lean mixture would also produce the same results,
and that would be consistent with power loss and the known-to-fail
Bosch MAFs...


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