[Biturbos4] Bum Turbo??? Help me with the Gutless Wonder!

j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 6 14:29:43 EDT 2005

VAG-COM gives you a relative approximate of 1 BAR when your S4 is at idle. In my case, the nbr is usually 1010, and sometimes 990 (depending on atmospheric conditions). I subtract THIS nbr as my constant from the nbr that I get at RPM. So, if I get the VAG reading (in block 114/115) of  2110 mbar @ 4500 rpm - I subtract 1010 mbar from this nbr to get 1.1 bar @ 4500 rpm. 
I've posted to AW (AudiWorld) using this method (and have seen other posts using the same approach to converting VAG mbars to psi) constantly - and have been challenged - as to its accuracy. If you have a more accurate approach to converting the boost nbrs in VAG blocks 114/115 to approximate psi equivalents, please share.

Steven Lin <steven at juniper.net> wrote:
j y writes:

> well...if I get a reading at 2500 rpm of 2.2 MBAR that's really not
> the boost that the ECU is recording. It's actually recording 1.2
> MBAR @ 2500 rpm.

But atmospheric pressure isn't always 1 Bar, so you can't simply
subtract 1 from the measured value.


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