[Biturbos4] Running rough-check engine-then stopped

r harout carrera3_2 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 9 09:14:50 EDT 2005

Strange behavior. Got in the car last night after it sat all day at the airport.
Stated fine, ran fine for a few mins. Then got to the chek-out parking and it started to vibrate.
RPMs were fine, just vibrated. Got on the highway and it was fine for a few minutes..
Then it started to 'chug' a little bit and the check engine light started to blink. It felt like the car wasn't getting enough gas or something--or like it was choking. Its still ran and accelerated, but mor elike a normal car without twin turbos.
did this 3-4 times--then miraculously went away and power was full on again. No more check engine light.
What do you guys think: a) mass air flow or b); infamous misfiring>?
I've learned enough about Audis not to have anything done unless the problem continues. Otherwise I will just pay for Audi to try and recreate the problem..

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