[Biturbos4] Running rough-check engine-then stopped

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Fri Sep 9 20:06:36 EDT 2005

If it's -just- misfire codes that you do end up finding (I see others 
recommended you pull codes) it's probably bad gas, get a can of fuel dry and 
dump it in to dissolve the water into the fuel and burn it out.

If it's more than misfire codes, direct your attention to the module which 
is complaining..

A word on fuel dry .. this stuff does work. Y'see, about a year ago I did 
something terrible to my B5 S4.

I was taking the left-over 93 octane from a 5 gallon jug fresh back from a 
trip to the racetrack, and putting it into my S4 so I could give the fuel 
can back to my friend whom I was borrowing it from. As I emptied it, I took 
in the delightful smell of shell v-power, expecting to smell gasoline that 
smells like it used to decades ago. I love the stuff. Think of what it used 
to smell like filling a lawn mower- that's what it smells like.

Well... I didn't smell gas.

I smelled coolant.

And then it dawned on me. A terrible, terrible realization ... at the track, 
I had to take all my coolant out of the mustang and put in pure water. I had 
nowhere to dispose of the coolant, so I put it into the empty 5 gallon jug, 
one of several I had. And just to make sure I didn't forget, I stuck a big 
green ziptie on the handle.

I was staring at that zip tie.

I just put 2 gallons of coolant into the gas tank of my S4. On the night I'm 
supposed to be driving from Michigan to Virginia!!!

Luckily we did this at my friends place, who has a garage/shop setup 10x 
better than mine. I said to Scott "I need some wrenches to get the fuel rail 
line off, a jumper wire, and some buckets. We gotta empty the fuel tank..." 
he looked at me and I said "Coolant. This WAS coolant. 2 gallons of it." He 
just laughed and laughed.

We used the fuel pump to empty the tank through the line where it connects 
at the fuel rail, then flushed 15 gallons of gas through the system, filling 
it back up and finally putting in a couple cans of fuel dry. Where the 25 or 
so gallons of contaminated fuel went, noone knows. I did tell Scott to turn 
on his sprinkler system though because it sure did smell strongly of gas 
over near the storm sewer... *whistles innocently*

We made the trip to VA no problem.

- Keman

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: Strange behavior. Got in the car last night after it sat all day at the 
: Stated fine, ran fine for a few mins. Then got to the chek-out parking and 
it started to vibrate.
: RPMs were fine, just vibrated. Got on the highway and it was fine for a 
few minutes..
: Then it started to 'chug' a little bit and the check engine light started 
to blink. It felt like the car wasn't getting enough gas or something--or 
like it was choking. Its still ran and accelerated, but mor elike a normal 
car without twin turbos.
: did this 3-4 times--then miraculously went away and power was full on 
again. No more check engine light.
: What do you guys think: a) mass air flow or b); infamous misfiring>?
: I've learned enough about Audis not to have anything done unless the 
problem continues. Otherwise I will just pay for Audi to try and recreate 
the problem..
: Rich 

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