[Biturbos4] Intermittent Oil temp gauge

Richard Ness richard at nessnet.com
Thu Sep 15 17:41:55 EDT 2005

My *%$# oil temp gauge quit working.
Or, should I say >90% of the time.
Tested the cluster with VAG-COM - gauge itself is OK.
Turning the key on, the needle comes off of the peg a little.
Any of y'all seen an intermittent oil temp gauge? Was it the
cluster or the sender? Is the sender inside the pan on the 2.7?
I'd rather be replacing a sender, but.....
I have the dreaded lines in the DID...
Thanks for any hints, etc...
BTW, Claire jacked the price on the cluster a couple of hun...
Sure wished I'd bought it back then!!
Richard Ness
richard at nessnet.com

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