[Biturbos4] Intermittent Oil temp gauge

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Are u saying that the Claire price (w/o core) is $350 (USD)?
How much is the unit with a core return?
On second thought, I'll check with Claire, for my own clarification.
Sorry, can't help u with the oil gauge problem, so far that's a problem I haven't had with my Y2K S4 - but I've had ALL the other common problems - including turbo failure - while stock.

Richard Ness <richard at nessnet.com> wrote:
Is there a measuring block for oil temp? Looked - couldn't find.
I figured that if it was reading temp properly there, it was
the display - if not, it was the sender. But, no luck so far.

BTW, that Claire price was not inc core- that was +$350...

Richard Ness
richard at nessnet.com

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Might want to check, but they may have temporarily run out of cores, and
switched to selling new units. When it comes to audi parts, if it ends or
starts with an X for the part #, it's a REMAN part. There's nothing wrong
with this, often the reman is better than the new since it's got bug fixes
applied to it.

Just be sure that if they're not asking for a core, you're not getting a
part ending in X.

The prices on the biturbo S4 stereo have ranged anywhere from $900 to $190
for a reman unit over the last few years. If it's too pricey now, give it
some time. head units, gauge clusters, and mass airflow sensors.

Speaking of the center driver information display ...

My B6 S4 has entered a new realm of annoying. The display is full color
(neat), and when the windshield washer solvent runs low, it pops up a
graphic (ok) with a loud beep (grrr) which flashes very quickly and wipes a
cartoonish wiper back and forth (annoying) and flashes little droplets of
water (argh) and there is no way to turn it off (ARGH!!!!) and then it went

Just when I thought Audi got smart and made it only notify you for a few
moments, IT CAME BACK! And every hill thereafter. The low fuel warning isn't
this obnoxious. This thing flashes so violently, it's impossible to get all
your focus back on the road. I finally emptied the solvant tank with a few
long sprays, just to make the damn thing go on and stay on.

Ohwell. It could be worse. It could be i-Drive ...

As for the oil temp gauge, if the gauge does it's little sweep in the self
test, it's probably the oil temp sender. I'm actually not sure where that
sensor is. I seem to recall it being part of the oil level sensor in the
oilpan. If it is that, it's incredibly easy to change on your next oil
change. Three screws and it's out. You'll want to check the tech docs first
though to be sure.

- Keman

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, j y wrote:

> daaay-yum - Claire hiked the price on clusters by several hundred $$$$!
> What do they retail for now?
> I have the dreaded lines too - I should have jumped on that Claire deal.
> I wonder if the clusters are imported from Europe, thus they are affected
by the dollar to euro relationship, and that's why there was an increase.
> They sure can't blame hurricane Katrina for jacking the prices - but - you
never know these days!
> Richard Ness wrote:
> My *%$# oil temp gauge quit working.
> Or, should I say >90% of the time.

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