[Biturbos4] Bilstein Sports or Koni Yellows?

northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Wed Sep 21 23:45:01 EDT 2005


Since you have mentioned other applications, I can give you some negative 
reviews on the yellowkoni...   I've had them on three non-audi 
applciations, as  they  seemed to be the most flexible option without 
going to a fully adjustable "coilover" 

My experience is that they did not remain predictable.  I suspected that 
they had lost too much oil.  Rebuiding provied inconvient, as  the 
entire factory seemed to be "on holiday"  when I wanted the units 
repaired. (is that possible?) They do repair them, but it takes a long 
time (months).

Caroll Smith always liked the Koni's, I  assume he was using the 
higher end race ones, not the street version commonly  known as the 

I feel like I learned my lesson, and don't need to try any more 
koni yellow's.  Simply because of the overall good koni  reputation, I'd 
consider another koni product, maybe the  28's for an  autocross car where 
replacement of the damper is allowed but replacement of th spring is not.

I guess if it's between koni yellows and bilstein, you know what I would 
do... not that anyone should follow my advise.... maybe my cars are just 
allergic to that paritcular shade of koni yellow :)

FWIW, I selected a "coilover" solution to replace the koni yellow issue 
and sold the koni units.


On Wed, 21 Sep 2005, j.koenig wrote:

> Thanks.  I guess I'm thinking about other applications.
> J
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> IIRC, Koni Yellows for the B5 chassis require removal from the vehicle 
> to change valving.  Valving change is done by compressing and turning 
> the strut shaft.
> We do not sell Koni and only have installed a handfull on the B5 
> chassis, but I am quite sure that they are not adjustable by the twist 
> of the knob on either the front or rear.
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