[Biturbos4] B5S4 Clutch pedal adjustment.

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Wed Sep 28 23:43:50 EDT 2005


I can't say I've ever adjusted the clutch in that regards.

If 1/2 of the movement is seemingly useless, you might want to try bleeding 
the system and see if any air comes out. Air will make the clutch pedal go 
down some distance before 'anything happens' ... since it compresses first. 
Good luck getting to the bleeder screw, count on your engine being cold or 
not having been driven for at least 2 hours before getting up under the car 
to reach up past the catalytic convertors to get to it. If they're hot, 
you're gonna have to wait a while or lose all the skin off your arms. The 
bleeder screw is about midway above the transmission on the drivers side, 
accessed from under the car. Royal PITA to bleed!

I'm sure the pedal assembly can be futzed with. I believe what you're trying 
to do is apply some form of preload to the linkage such that any gaps get 
eliminated. I've done this on other models in the past. But I hadn't thought 
of trying it on my audi...

That's one very expensive throwout bearing to have to replace should the 
time come ... use caution applying preload.

- Keman

northrup at crazybug.com wrote:
>> Any  BTDT's on adjustment of clutch pedal throw?   Note that i'm not
>> interested in mearly adjusting tee point of engagement of the clutch
>> pedal, but rather the entire throw of the pedal.
>> I want to shorten the range, since about 1/2 the range is wasted at
>> the moment.   I've successfully done this on other marques by
>> adjusting
>> the pushrod.    Anyone on the list done this?
>> Oh, one more thing.  My reason for adjustment is not due to worn
>> clutch, the pedal is currently in the stock location.  Please don't
>> respond telling me to get a new clutch or with the standard dealer
>> answer of the clutch is "hydrolic and and can not be adjusted".
>> TIA
>> wilson 

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